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Featherwick's journal

Dans tout cafard amorphe sommeille un dragon flamboyant...

8 April 1990
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My French ID card says I have a French name! No, Harcesis (or Harc3sis) is not my real name!
It also says that I am nearly as tall as Jon Stewart and that I was born and live in a city called Brest! (You should use a French accent to say this! Because if you don't it sounds like 'breast'!)
Finally it says that I'm 13 years old! But actually I'm not this Marine anymore!(yeah that's my name! Not my full name, though!)Because I was born in 1990 (What a wonderful year!) and as matter of fact I'm no longer 13! Yes I know I shouldn't care about facts, but this is it!
I've always loved England, more than anything else! But since I know The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, I'm not that sure of what I love the most! England? US?
But the thing I'm sure of, is that I'm a huge fan of the Dirty Pretty Things, Stargate, The Lord Of The Rings, James McAvoy and many MANY other things!!
Did I mention that I love Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert? And John Oliver?
I think that I can't live without their shows! Every week-end, I feel sad because I know there's nothing new! And seriously every holiday they take, it's just torture!!
But I know that one day, I will see them face to face!! (Or not!!!)

Well I think "That's all, folks!"